“Such an AMAZING experience. Carole is so great at instructing and showing you how to make beautiful art. I can’t even draw stick figures but all of my paintings so far have turned out great. I held a private party for my birthday and I’ve been too many times to count. I haven’t even tried other venues she rocks!!! See you in a few weeks.” -La’Tosha D.



“Enjoyed a perfectly fun Girls Night Out at Party with Paint in Mesa, AZ. Owner, Carole Cobbold, is super fun, and she turned us all into aspiring artists. The location is easy to access and the room is so colorful with all the artwork hanging on the walls. What I love about PWP? You just have to show up! They supply all the materials, teach the class, and they do all the clean up afterward. I am looking forward to my next visit to Party with Paint.” -Andrea B.



“What a great time! For 57 years I’ve said “I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler.”  Carole proved me wrong. And she made it so fun to be wrong!! I was completely surprised and pleased with how much fun the evening was. Great way to spend time with old friend or with brand new friends.” – Pamela B.



“Party with a paint is such a great idea and so much fun! Carole was great! My girlfriends and I went for the first time last night. We had a fabulous time!! We were concerned about the difficulty because none of us are very artsy, but it was easy to follow and all of our art turned out great (at least our moms think so, haha). Time flies by and it’s a little stressful sometimes to keep up, but alas that is where the wine comes in… Keep calm and paint on! It is BYOB and they provide nice plastic wine cups or if you wanna go a little more country you can go with the red solo cup option. She also provided little complimentary dessert bites, which was a nice touch and yummy! No matter what the painting is or drink or no drink, you can be assured it is soooooo much fun! We will definitely be doing it again. Thanks Carole!” -Tish M.



“I love party with paint.  I try and go at least once a month.  If you haven’t been please go you will love it.  And you don’t have to know how to draw.  Heck I can’t even do a stick figure but carol helps and makes everything easy.  Have fun” -Nancy B.



“My friends and I went to Party With Paint last night. This was my second time (first at the new location), and we had a wonderful time. The new space is great. Carole is a wonderful teacher! Most chimps paint better than I do, yet Carole managed to coax a decent painting out of me, despite my (lack of) skills and multiple paint splattering incidents. Oh, and her summer mix music selections  were excellent!” – Mary C.



“I love Carole and Party with Paint! I have been there many times over the past 2 years, it’s a perfect girls night! Carole is an amazing instructor and makes the experience so much fun! You don’t have to have any artistic ability to attend, she walks you through step by step . . . and the wine helps!  LOL  No setup, no clean up, just paint and have fun.  Between myself and my young daughters we have hung up 16 paintings at home from Party with Paint.  The punch cards are a great deal and you can share them with your friends.  Very affordable!!” – Kristine K.



“Party With Paint is such a fun activity to do whether it is a date night, night out with the girls or even a solo thing.  My cousin and I went on Saturday night and had an absolute blast!  Everything was supplied to us from paint brushes and paint , palettes, the canvas, water buckets and a disposable apron.  The best part? We got to leave with our masterpieces and not clean up 😉  Carol provides ideas and assistance if needed while in the class.  I highly recommend giving it a try and will most certainly be going back!” – Lisa P.



“Had our girl’s night out at Party with Paint last night.  What a blast!  Can’t say enough good things about Carole and the experience. Definitely on our list of things we have to do again.” – Angela N.



“I can’t begin to say enough positive things about Carole and her amazing Party with Paint events.  I have partied and painted 4 times with PWP and look forward to many more.  I love introducing Carole and her PWP experience with newbies who, after some ‘I can’t paint’ fears are expressed, have an absolute ball and it’s not just because they’ve been sipping wine, but because they actually created art!!  The last visit was for a Girls Night Out and I have never seen wider smiles and demonstrations of pride for the paintings each gal was excited to take home and hang.  Carole is a fabulous ‘teacher/guide.’  She has the patience of a saint as she supports each student towards success and a sense of accomplishment.  If you want to laugh, relax (after some possible initial self-induced stress), discover your creative side, and have a finished product that always brings a smile to your face, then visit Carole Cobbold and Party with Paint!!” – Joan M.



“My sister-in-law guilted me into taking  this art class and I’m glad she did.  I didn’t know what to expect.  When I  walked into the studio, the walls were covered with  colorful artwork.  There were rows of tables set up with neatly organized work stations, complete with table-top easels, a canvas, paints, brushes, a palette, and cleanup supplies.  Aprons are provided but you might not want to wear your best clothes.    Carol makes the class fun and provides  excellent instructions,  She demonstrates the painting step by step.  She shows you how to mix the paint colors  that she uses and suggests other color options.  We all painted the same picture but each one was unique.  Carol took a group photo of us holding up our finished paintings that she emailed to those who wanted it.  It was a fun night out and I highly recommend it.  I definitely will do this again and invite more friends to join me!” – Wanda P.



“A night at Party With Paint is a blast!  I have virtually no natural artistic talent, but I have done 4 paintings there and they are all worthy of hanging on a wall. I gave one as a Christmas gift and the recipient was just thrilled.  Carole is so patient with all the participants and offers excellent painting directions. The new studio is awesome and very spacious. I love the “bring your own drinks” concept as well. I already have another painting night scheduled and can’t wait to hang my new painting on my kitchen wall!” – Kimela H.



“Just come as you are, with. No art skills and all and they will make you Picasso baby!!!” – Joshua B.



“Party with Paint is so much fun!! Bring a nice bottle of wine, a snack, being surrounded by friends and making new ones! Carole the owner/instructor is great!” – Melissa B.